We Call Her Pulle

Video, 2015

We call her Pulle (2015)


3-screen HD video installation 22 minutes

We call her Pulle depicts a domestic environment in the aftermath of a violent conflict. Through a double-portrait of the artist and her aunt, Pulle, the installation shows an intimate relationship between two women of different generations in one family, who do not share language, culture or experience. Pulle lives on the Jaffna peninsula in Sri Lanka, where Nina’s father was born. Due to the civil war in Sri Lanka Nina had little relationship to Sri Lanka and her Tamil family while growing up in Scandinavia. We call her Pulle questions ideas of origin and the stories we construct about ourselves and it problematizes the ways in which we build an image of our past and ourselves, through our parents’ memories, historical narratives and visual framing.


A text by Nina Mangalanayagam on this work appears in PALETTEN magazine issue #312-313-2018. The full video work is available above for a short period to complement the issue.