Easter (from Homeland).jpg


Homeland (2008)

Framed C-type prints 1 x 1m

When I graduated from upper secondary school I wanted to wear a light green dress. According to tradition in Sweden all girls wear white dresses. It is an old tradition and not that many people are strict about it anymore. Pappa told me I had to wear white. So to not stick out. I wore a white dress. My friends all wore light pink, light yellow, light blue or light green.

Homeland investigates belonging, through national traditions and customs in Sweden. The project is a slightly comical comment on traditional absurdities, but yet a serious reflection on difficulties assimilating into a new society. It shows the experience from a second-generation immigrant watching one’s parent attempting to integrate in Sweden to the extent of almost becoming more Swedish than the Swedes. This experience in turn influences the idea of belonging for the child as well.